'Support Ukraine' Sticker

Help raise awareness of the Ukraine crisis through the purchase of this 'Support Ukraine' Sticker. 

  • 100% of the profits will be donated to support Ukraine 
  • Ideal for external windows on buildings 
  • Perfect for external car windows or bumpers
  • FREE P&P

The unspeakable is happening to millions of innocent people in Ukraine and they need our help! Donate just £5 today and receive your sticker in the post - it's that easy!

Our chosen charity is DEC - The Disasters Emergency Committee. They are made up of 15 of the biggest aid charities in the UK, who come together in times of desperate need. They are committed to providing instant humanitarian aid wherever it is needed most, and they are currently focusing on the extremely distressing situation in Ukraine. All donations will go towards providing shelter, food, clean water and first aid to millions of vulnerable people.