Hiking with Gearing - The Ten Essentials for Travel Photographers

As the warm weather descends upon us, what better way to take full advantage of summer’s arrival than to plan your next hiking trip. With COVID-19 still lingering around us, try to see that we are not locked in our island, but free to explore the incredible scenery that the UK has to offer. From the beautiful beaches of Cornwall to the undulating hills of the Lake District, remote Scottish isles and hidden coves of Northern Ireland, there is so much to explore.
At the Gearing Company, we have come up with a list of what we believe every outdoor photographer should bring with them on a hiking trip. Be it a day, a weekend or a week, we know exactly what you need to make your holiday a success and your photos the best they can be. 
  1. Let’s start with the obvious - the Gearing Tripod Kit. If you’re out exploring and photographing, why would you bring anything other than this tripod when it gives you trekking poles and a tripod in one. Lighten your load, bring only what you need and you will have yourself a very successful trip. The real beauty of the Gearing system is that it provides the strength and stability of a standard tripod, but with the weight of a travel tripod. Why would you need anything else?
  2. A camera bag/backpack. As we said before, taking as little as possible is the best way to enjoy your time out in the world. Bring a backpack that doubles as a camera bag - keep your most precious possession safe while supporting your back and looking after everything else you have with you. We are big fans of WANDRD’s stuff - they have a huge range of sizes and solutions for your every need. Our personal favourite is the All-New PRVKE 21 Litre.
  3. The main attraction - your camera. This is a completely personal choice but we thought we would offer some suggestions. Leica are known for being the best in the business and their cameras speak for themselves. The functionality, quality and ease of their creations are second to none and we absolutely love our SL2 Leica. However, we are aware that Leica’s prices are accessible to all. Canon are well known in the industry for not letting a more reasonable price affect their quality.
  4. When photographing outdoors, more than one lens will undoubtedly be needed. Like the camera, we highly recommend Leica’s lenses due to their crystal clear quality. When it comes to camera lenses, you really do get what you pay for, and I firmly believe that a lens should be the item that you splurge on. However, many other options are out there, and Sigma has a great variety at affordable prices - here at Gearing we love our 24-70mm F2.8
  5. Small and a necessity - SD card. Always bring a spare - SanDisk are the undisputed kings of SD cards - don’t bother to look elsewhere.
  6. Hiking trips can be a bit unpredictable - weather can change, you can get lost in a new area - anything can happen. It is important to always bring a power bank to charge your phone. Many these days are the size of an iphone and carry many charges. Anker is renowned for its power banks and we recommend the PowerCore 20 with multiple charges and ports.
  7. Now moving away from the photography side and onto the hiking side - a head torch is a must. Always be prepared for unpredictable weather and situations when hiking in a remote area; you don't want to be stuck somewhere without a light source.
  8. Just as important if not more so than a head torch - a first aid kit. Nothing ruins a trip more than blisters so Compeed plasters are paramount, but you should always carry a full size first aid kit if possible.
  9. A spare pair of socks, an extra layer or two and a beanie or cap never go amiss. If you have the space, bring what you can. The UK might be beautiful, but the weather changes fast, especially in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  10. Hiking is tiring - make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks to keep you going. A camelbak reservoir is a great investment - bring 3 litres in your own backpack with maximum ease in hydrating. At Gearing, we are big fans of Clif bars - a huge variety of flavours and a great way to pack in energy. Trail mix, dried fruit and biltong are also great foods to snack on while you're on the move.
We believe that these are the bare necessities for a successful day's hiking. Each photographer is different - for some a drone is a worthy addition, or a variety of filters. However, what we truly believe is that the Gearing tripod provides everything you need and more - stability, security, with your trekking poles included. Let us know where your tripod takes you this summer by tagging us and using #capturedwithgearing.