Gearing Tripod

  • Meet the tripod that has the capacity for adaptive change like no other. A uniquely engineered tripod system that uses the highest quality carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminium available. Every part is machined out of solid billets … Psst no brittle cast aluminium here!

    This revolutionary modular system allows the legs to be removed and interchanged, converting your tripod from a standard-sized to a tabletop tripod in seconds. Not only this but the legs can be converted into trekking poles. The list of opportunities that the tripod provides goes on and on…

    If you are an adventure seeker, go-getter and want the most innovative products on the market, then this one’s for you. Finally, we bring you a system as versatile as you are.

  • Specifications Gearing Tripod
    Max height w/ centre column raised 142cm / 55.9"
    Max height w/ centre column lowered 135cm / 53.1"
    Lowest height 21cm
    Packed/folded length 60cm / 23.6"
    Packed/folded diameter Ø 8.2cm / 3.2"
    Leg/column sections 4 leg sections / 1 column section (extendable)
    Load capability 14 kg / 30 lbs
    Weight 1.4kg / 3lbs
    Leg angles 16º, 39º, 55º, 67º
    Max leg tube diameter 23mm
    • 1 x Heart Unit

    • 1 x Centre Column with integrated screwdriver kit

    • 1 x Removable Hook

    • 3 x Carbon Legs

What makes the Gearing Tripod amazing?

Magnificently multifunctional, being a tripod and a trekking pole system all in one

Ability to convert each leg into a monopod using the Monopod Converter

Easy to clean legs with no loose components to get lost

Modular design allows you to convert the tripod into a mini tripod by switching out the legs

An ingenious centre column, containing a 10-piece screwdriver kit 

Versatile feet for grip in different environments

Fully Modular Heart Unit

Unscrew the legs from the heart to transition between a full-sized tripod to a tabletop tripod

Modular design allows our mini legs to be fitted forming a mini tripod for capturing unique angles

Detachable legs for use as trekking poles that can be fitted with trekking pole handles

Four leg pitch positions allowing you to frame your shot in any environment

Nifty Legs

Minimal components inside the legs to ensure there’s nothing to get lost whilst cleaning

The removable legs have been designed for use as trekking poles or ski poles to help you move through challenging environments

Compact 4-part legs with high-performance rubber twist leg lock to make easy height adjustments

Tungsten carbide tip with a tethered rubber boot for grip in any environment

Innovative Centre Column 

Features a handy integrated 10-piece screwdriver to make adjustments to your kit

Can be inverted to capture unique angles 

Removable hook allows you to keep your backpack out of the dirt and increase the stability of the tripod in windy conditions