Simon Riddle

​I became an artist in 2016, travelling through various analogue and darkroom disciplines. In 2021 I won a global wedding award for my natural portraiture. I also worked closely with Channel 4 on the set of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

I have a bespoke studio and darkroom located at the top of the picturesque Nigg Hill, Ross-Shire, in the Scottish Highlands. The rest of my time is spent in the Isle of Skye.

My work has been well published over the years, and you can read more here.

Nick Bailey

My name is Nick. I am an outdoor adventure photographer, filmmaker and enthusiast. I take every opportunity I possibly can to get outdoors and capture the world around me - you’ll usually find me hiking and exploring in my free time, especially around rural Kent and Sussex, as well as around the Cornish coastline.

I have known the Gearing family all my life and have been fortunate to have travelled with them around the world, developing my photography and videography skills in some of the most remote reaches of the planet. My photography and hiking desires have led me to places like Greenland and the Appalachian Trail, where minimal weight and multipurpose are imperative for all of my gear. The Gearing tripod provides me with unwavering stability and security wherever I am. My favourite feature of the Gearing tripod is the detachable trekking pole legs. Being able to carry less weight for more gear allows me to enjoy the outdoors even more.

Charlotte Beswick

Hi, I am Charlotte, the face behind @rudenudefood. I began my food journey whilst studying at university, where I would often host dinner parties and bake for my friends and flatmates. This has developed significantly into my instagram page, in which I bake and cook regularly and post my images online. In the early days, my photos and videos were taken by faithful friends on their phones. With the addition of the Gearing tripod to my gear list, I am able to do all of my own photography and videography by myself to a much higher calibre. 

My favourite feature of the Gearing tripod is the centre column, which can be inverted to exploit the ‘inverted mode’, in which the camera is inside the tripod's legs. This is great for macro photography and highlighting specific features of my creations.

Jenna Gearing

I’m Jenna, a sculptor from Sussex. My sculptures are figurative and are mostly created on commission. My focus is animals and humans, with portraits being my most challenging yet rewarding pieces. When sculpting my art I consider the three most important processes to be capturing, interpreting and representing. Over the last few years I have enjoyed nothing more than creating human and animal sculptures, and have loved finding out about their stories. My love for nature has allowed me to particularly focus on wildlife and domestic animal pieces, as well as specialising in war veterans. When I am not in the studio, you will find me deep in the fields and woods of Sussex with my horses and my dogs.
I use my Gearing tripod to capture images of my sculptures as they are being brought to life - I love taking regular update photos as they progress, it makes the process even more fulfilling. Although I use every section of the tripod (I love switching between the standard legs and the mini legs), I would have to say that the ball head is my favourite part.

Eilidh Cameron

I’m the woman behind the camera and one of the most Scottish looking people you’ll ever meet! I was born and bred on the rural west coast of Scotland which probably accounts for my love of the outdoors and natural world.I’ve always been mesmerised by the wild beauty of the Scottish landscape and the geological process which shaped the land. The diversity of the Scottish landscape is remarkable and I believe this is why Scotland regularly tops polls of the world’s most beautiful countries. We have rugged mountainous highlands, turquoise seas surrounding our islands and bountiful forests providing sanctuary for an array of flora and fauna. All within a relatively small landmass. Scotland’s other treasure is the rich culture and history which gives the land life and a story that goes deeper than the physical beauty.The objective of my landscape work is always to capture the land in a way that shows both its physical beauty and encapsulates its spirit and soul. I’ve applied this practice to my commercial work creating visually alluring campaigns which tell a story for leading brands in a variety of industries including travel, drinks and outdoor clothing.