Fishing with Gearing - More Than Just A Tripod

At Gearing, we pride ourselves on having the most multifunctional tripod in the market. Already a triple threat of working as a tripod, trekking poles and a monopole, we have added a fourth dimension to our masterpiece. The Gearing tripod is the perfect companion to every angler looking for a wading staff. As you know, our tripod legs are field serviceable and fully functional underwater. They have an anodised finish which is corrosion resistant, giving you the confidence in the competence of your kit in the harshest of conditions. Water and mud are no match for the Gearing tripod - simply take apart the leg at the end of the day, rinse out the pieces and they will be as good as new. 

Now, some of you might be wondering why on earth you would need a pole in one hand when you already have a fishing rod in the other. What an inconvenience, what an extra weight etc..I can see where you might be coming from. However, there are a lot more reasons to carry one than to not, and a wading staff can make all the difference in terms of a successful fishing trip. And just to let you know, our wading staff only weighs 340 grams - a weight you can definitely take with you. 

When fishing, your safety must be paramount. Fast flowing waters, slipping and injuring yourself, being alone without a mobile phone - you need to ensure that you are safe. A wading staff is a great way to get a feel of the riverbed when you can't see it. Run the staff over the floor of the river and you can work out where any rocks, drops and dips are lying, and so learn the areas to avoid. With a good knowledge of the riverbed, you are in a much safer position. 

The increase in your balance and footing confidence with a wading staff is unparalleled. Being able to share your weight with the staff gives you an extra contact point with the river bed, giving you a larger surface area and thus providing more safety. If you slip, you have something to grab onto. In regards to the rapids that we can find ourselves in on fishing trips, this can be a significant aid and a real lifeline when crossing the river. However, this won’t just help you while crossing the river, but when covering ground above the water. These stretches of land can be wet and undulating, and are another place where a wading staff is an absolute necessity.

A proportion of the beauty of fishing comes from the peace, tranquility, and having some time for yourself. There really is nothing better than a long day in the river, on your own, where you can clear your head and feel a little bit more connected to the world. However, all this time standing up, especially if you are in fast flowing waters, can really tire you out. A wading staff is great to lean on throughout the day. I put carabiner through the handle of my Gearing wading staff, shorten the sections and then attach it to my wading belt, allowing it to float next to me whenever I need both hands on the rod. 

Though this is not an issue in the UK where I have done most of my fishing, it's important to remember that you are not always the only thing in a river besides the fish. As we mentioned in our last blog post, one of our happy Gearing customers found himself in a rather sticky situation when the most venomous and only semi aquatic fish in the USA was swimming at him in a river. Luckily he managed to escape, but he would have had a much better chance at taking on the snake if he had his Gearing tripod leg in the water with him! In the USA there are other little nigglers around, such as otters, who might need a bit more persistence in order to remove them from your fishing grounds. 

So, I hope that I have convinced you of the necessity of a good wading staff. In terms of safety, they are a no-brainer. For comfort, they're your best friend. And with a Gearing wading staff, you know that the quality won't let you down, no matter the conditions.