Photographing With Gearing - Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

We have made it to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! After much anticipation and waiting, we have reached the highly coveted four day weekend to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen and her 70th year on the throne. This will be a holiday of parties with family and friends and we hope you enjoy all it has to bring!
Our favourite chef and Gearing Ambassador, Charlotte of Rude Nude Food, created a beautiful pudding in honour of the big day. Taking inspiration from British tradition, the Queen herself, as well as the ever changing times we live in, Charlotte created The Malt Hatter’s Cheesecake. This dessert is inspired by the humble British crumble and the British classic confection - Malteasers. Charlotte decided to add a modern twist to her pudding to reflect the ever changing times that Her Majesty’s reign has led her through, and made it a vegan pudding. Using cashew cream and vegan Horlicks powder, Charlotte recreated the comforting taste of Horlicks drinks and Malteasers, added a delicious chocolate topping and a crunchy base and topping for a pudding truly worthy of Queen Elizabeth.
Charlotte captured some beautiful photos of her masterpiece using her Gearing tripod - taking full advantage of the innovative inversion mode for some stunning macro shots. You can check out the photos she captured on our instagram this week!

We hope you have a restful and rejoiceful Jubilee celebration, and look forward to seeing the images you capture with Gearing!