Skiing In Verbier

Within the madness of Christmas and the Omicron variant wreaking havoc across the globe, Elle managed to slip away to the beautiful mountains of Verbier in Switzerland to see in the New Year. Being a ski instructor herself, the pandemic has been particularly tough on her, as it has meant that she hasn't been able to ski since March 2020, when she had to quickly flee Austria before the borders closed and the world's travel shut down. After a manic year running her company, she took off to the Alps with her Gearing ski poles and tripod in tow. 

Days were spent skiing both on and off piste, where she was able to really put her ski poles to the test. One of the biggest benefits of the Gearing trekking poles is the material that they are made of. Born from eight layers of the highest quality carbon fibre, their strength and durability remain unwavering even in the most difficult of conditions. Compared to other ski poles on the market, the weight is relatively similar. However, these other poles are not going to have the multifunctionality that these ones do. Elle was able to bring a whole Gearing tripod with her, along with one spare leg and two trek kits. This gave her and her friend Alex a pair of ski poles each, with the added bonus of a complete camera tripod in her backpack for snapping shots on the mountain. The monopod converter also came along, for those speedy shots when there just wasn't time to assemble the tripod. 

Being a ski instructor, Elle is a real softie for helping people out of trouble whilst on the slopes. A carbon fibre ski pole as enduring as The Gearing Company’s really proved its strength with pulling up numerous children and adults throughout the week! 

Let’s all hope that the end of the pandemic is drawing near, and Elle can be back in the mountains as often as she likes very soon! It’s great to see the Gearing tripod being used in one of its many alternative uses, if you get skiing with your Gearing poles this year please let us know! We love to see your photos.