Self-timers with Gearing - The aspirations of a young animal enthusiast

As a young animal enthusiast, I find immersing and dedicating myself to the lives of my furry best friends, the best possible pastime. I would be lying if I denied preferring other species of animals to humans. The companionship that one can receive from animals can be just as good, if not better compared to what a person can supply. Even though caring for animals can be strenuous at times, the pros of owning animals drastically outweighs the minor cons. Sadly, I believe that many animals are mistreated and receive inadequate care and husbandry. This is why I believe it is crucial to capture proper and sufficient animal care, in order to educate naive others. The reality of owning animals is no small task - you are responsible for a living being. Therefore, you should appreciate the privilege of caring for an animal and ensure that said animal care is appropriately adequate.  

Not long ago, I became fortunate enough to become a sole keeper of a French Bulldog puppy, who is reaching 6 months of age and named Winnie. Being so young, she is almost always very lively and energetic, other than her odd sleepy moments. I can’t describe the love I have for my little puppy, she never fails to fill me with joy and happiness, and I am more than certain she will continue to do so. As Winnie will not stay a puppy forever, it is crucial I capture these happy moments I have with her, while she is so young. However this task comes with its challenges, as with Winnie being so full of life, it is difficult to acquire good quality photos with her only stopping for brief moments. But with the turnability and flexibility of the Gearing tripod, and its ability to set and reset the angle of the camera with complete and utter ease, it enables even an amateur photographer like myself, to produce decent and appeasing photos. 

As well as my french bulldog puppy, I also keep a miniature dachshund named Daphne, who is the most stubborn but loving dog. I have my dogs along with a rescue Ragdoll cat and six rescue guinea pigs. I also have a great fondness for riding, and so it is fair to say I'm a rather fervent animal keeper. I want to ensure I encapsulate these memories with my current furry gang, as I simply adore them. The Gearing kit helps me do so.

Following my passions, it is my dream to be a zoologist in the future, and I have decided to do photography as one of my options for my GCSE’s, as I believe the skill of photographing animals will be able to help me achieve my dream. As if I understand how to photograph animals, it may aid me to study and monitor animals in a clear and still image. 

I would truly love to continue following my passions, as well as to help educate myself and others of apt husbandry and overall animal care. I truly believe that with the assistance of this diverse and convenient tripod, my chances of turning my passion into a lifestyle are ever so slightly more plausible. I hope the message of this blog resonates with you. 

Written by Amélie