Product Launch - The Magic Arm

We have one last present for you. We know Christmas was a few weeks ago now, but we just couldn't help ourselves. You’re worth it. 

As you may have noticed, we are expanding the Gearing line in all sorts of directions. The world of photography is rapidly growing and changing, with new technology constantly being revealed. We want to make sure that we are growing as well, to help provide you with the right gear for your requirements. We are also aware that many photographers are happy with the gear that they have already, and so we want to help you enhance your kit and thus improve your photography in any way we can.

We have just developed the Magic Arm, rightfully named because it is a revolutionary piece of kit and does a huge amount for its size. The Magic Arm attaches onto our Pro Clamp, or a huge number of third party tripods, and provides a stable platform for a number of additional pieces of kit. With a payload of 2kg, it will comfortably hold a phone mount, flash, light or any other attachment you could require, even a camera. 

Our Magic Arm features a locking lever in the middle, bringing to life a whole new world of angles and positions for whatever attachment you have chosen. Like most of our gear, it is made from aerospace grade aluminium, so you can trust us when we say that Gearing products are built to last. The Magic Arm also features two ¼” mounting studs, allowing it to mount to almost every piece of kit you already own. We want Gearing to work for you, not for you to work for Gearing. Creating universal pieces of kit that any photographer can add to their kit is our main priority. 

We hope you are just as happy with this nifty piece of kit as we are - it really is a jack of all trades and will revolutionize your kit. It weighs less than half an iPhone, but it packs a punch in terms of durability, strength and versatility. Let us know what you think!