A dreamy product if we don't say so ourselves ...

The Tripod Bag makes for the perfect companion for your tripod 🤘

With a variety of carrying options, adjustable volume and made of Cordura®, it is the perfect travel companion.

Amazing Features:

  • A roll-top bagproviding adjustable volume
  • A stylish and practical design that helps keep your tripod and accessories all in one place
  • Multiple carrying options - carry it by hand, on your shoulder or attached to your rucksack - giving you the choice of transportation
  • The bag features two zipped pockets, a handle, and a shoulder strap providing you with easy access to your equipment
  • It comes with webbing attachment pointsthat let you connect it to your rucksack’s compression straps
  • Made from rugged black Cordura®to protect your tripod from scrapes and scratches

☝️Did you know - DuPont originally introduced the fabric, Cordura®, as a type of rayon. The product was further developed during World War II and used by the military in tires ... fun fact for the day!