Meet Our Brand Ambassador Nick

This week, we are introducing you to one of our Brand Ambassadors, Nick. Nick is a photographer from East Sussex, who has been a good friend of the company since our early days. Nick’s work has been invaluable to The Gearing Company - you will have seen his photos on our social media channels over the last couple of years. From days out in London to the wilderness of Greenland, his photos span urban to nature and everything in between. 

We sat down with Nick to ask him about his journey into photography, and how his Gearing tripod has helped his career progress. 

My interest in photography stemmed from my love of film making, which developed as a child. My friends and I would create short films around the age of 13, which we would spend hours perfecting and then passing round. We even made a full length movie in which we had a premiere showing! This became my real passion which I was planning on going to university for, until I found my current job. I now work for an outdoor sports and equipment company, working as their media guy. It is here that my photography interest began to take off, borne out of a necessity for the company, and I have never looked back.

My work for them has taken me to Germany, Las Vegas, Idaho and Greenland to name a few places, not forgetting a week camping in thick snow in the Scottish highlands in December. I could myself very lucky that my true passion in life is what pays my bills. I have known The Gearing Company for a good while now, counting them as my friends, and love getting to work with them. I took their tripod with me to Greenland for my photography shoot, where it performed brilliantly. The versatility of the gear is unparalleled - a tripod that I can use as my trekking poles is the perfect one for me. 

I am a really keen hiker, particularly around the South West coast of the UK. Last year in November I undertook a 107 mile hike in four days, and this year I am planning on 190 miles in 9 days, wish me luck! 

For any keen outdoors photographers who hold the need for their gear to be lightweight, strength and multifunction as paramount, I couldn't recommend The Gearing Company more.