Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to all of our Gearing customers! We hope that yours is a good one - ensure that you listen, learn and implement changes in your life to help our planet. It’s the only one we have! 

If you aren’t too familiar with Earth Day, it is an annual event falling on this day every year since 1970, to raise awareness of the need to look after our planet and gather support for environmental protection. On this day, at least one billion people will come together all over the world to help the world, in activities ranging from bird feeding and beach clean ups, to improving recycling information amongst young people. Everyone can get involved somehow, so make sure you do too! Today, we are planning to spend some time litter picking and educating ourselves on how we can be better allies of the world we live in.  

At The Gearing Company, a strong part of our ethos is protecting the environment. We hate unnecessary waste and cheap products that break within a year and are thrown into landfill. That is why our tripods are made with the highest quality materials we can source, including eight layers of carbon fibre and aerospace grade aluminium. We also like our tripod to do more than one thing, minimising the number of products needed by an individual. By purchasing our tripod, you receive trekking poles, ski poles, a wading staff, a monopod and even a tent frame if you need it! With our gear, a lot less materials make a lot more products. 

We hope you have a very happy Earth Day - let us know what you get up to and what you learn! 


The Gearing Company