Photographing With Gearing - Spring Is Here!

Spring is well and truly underway! Here in beautiful Sussex, we are bountifully blessed with green pastures spanning for miles, as well as lots of new life being brought into the world. It really is a dreamy place to be. To help you with your spring shots, we have assembled a list of things that have helped us along our photography journeys, and we hope that they will do the same for you too! 

First things first - now that it is April you really need to be prepared for any weather. You could leave the house in resplendent sunshine and in moments be caught in a torrential downpour. Make sure you have appropriate clothing and footwear; there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation! A waterproof camera cover is also a great idea, we linked a great one in our Christmas gift guide here

If you live rurally like us, it's a great time to get out and photograph the spring animals that can be found all around! There are plenty of lambs in the fields and they make the perfect models, just make sure you are aware of their mothers and aren't bothering the farmers. If in doubt, use a longer lens so that you can snap them from a further distance. 

Flowers are a classic choice for spring photography and for good reason - their brightness and beauty shouldn't be ignored by budding photographers (excuse the pun). There is a huge variety to be found - particularly the most springtime of all the flowers - daffodils! These are found in abundance on the ground right now, while the time for crocus’ and snowdrops is almost over. Forget-me-nots provide a beautiful contrast to the daffodils, so it's a good idea to photograph a real mixture of flowers. You never know, you might capture a little bit of wildlife too like we did in the photo above!  

You might have noticed when you wake in the morning that there are a lot more birds chirping than you are used to. Swallows, warblers and martins have returned amongst many others, and these birds are really lovely to photograph. It is also a great mood lifter to be outside amongst the birds as they sing, so make the most of it!
A polarised lens is a great investment for spring time photography. It will help the bright colours of spring stand out, creating more contrast and brightness, whilst removing the glare from the sun. They are often rotational and adjustable, so you can choose what kind of impact they have on your photos.

Happy shooting and we hope you have a lovely Easter everyone - enjoy the four day weekend!