Help Ukraine

The world seems like a much darker place these last three weeks. Ukraine is being bombed and shelled day and night, and thousands of innocent people have lost their lives. Mothers and children have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries such as Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, while  husbands and fathers are staying behind to defend their country. There hasn't been war in Europe of this scale since World War II, and it appears that this is only just beginning. Hospitals have been targeted, and we have looked in horror at images of heavily pregnant women, cancer patients and those seriously ill being stretchered out of the rubble. 

Through the horrors we are all watching unfold online and on TV, we can find hope in the unity of much of the world. Countries are coming together to take in refugees, including the UK, where we are able to provide safety and calm for those who have been through so much. Hundreds of companies, including major players such as Apple, BP, Amazon and Netflix have suspended sales in Russia and publicly condemned the invasion, pledging charitable donations to those affected by the war. 

We are only a small company, and while we know that we can’t make the financial contributions that others can, we are just as devastated by what is happening and want to help however we can. We have decided to make car and window stickers to raise funds for Ukraine, which not only help financially to our chosen charity, they are also a public display of solidarity and help raise awareness. We are supporting DEC - the Disasters Emergency Committee. This is a collaboration of 15 of the largest aid charities in the UK, who come together to raise funds for a current crisis. Right now, they are supporting those directly affected by the war in Ukraine by providing food, water, emergency shelter and first aid to those in desperate need. Currently, 3 million people have been forced to flee their country as Russia bombs the major cities, and with a population of almost 44 million, the situation will only worsen. Those of us lucky enough to live in safe countries with access to food, water and shelter must help however we can. We are asking for just £5 - the price of a pint - for you to help those in desperate need. All of the profits are going directly to the DEC, and we have included free postage for those in the UK. They can be purchased through our website here

Please help us help them.

The Gearing Company.