Product Launch - Our Binocular Holder

The Gearing Company releasing another product? It’s a Christmas miracle! We are coming to you at a slightly different angle to our usual product range. We might be seen as a camera accessory company first and foremost, but the Gearing Company was born out of a love for the outdoors. We want it to be the best tripod for adventure and travel, and this encompasses more than just photography. That's why the legs transform into ski poles, trekking poles and a wading staff - we want our gear to do so much more than just help you take photos. That is why we have launched our binocular holder, which connects your binoculars to your tripod. For the ultimate glassing experience, you want to have gear that provides you with a strong and stable platform, leaving no space for unwanted movement. Simply clip on top of your tripod head, tighten to your required level, and you are good to go!

Although we have just launched our ball head to rave reviews, we are also well aware that ball heads are a very personal choice. Due to this, we have made our binocular holder arca plate compatible, allowing it to fit a huge majority of ball heads out there. We want to make gear that works for our customers, whatever you’re currently using. However, if you’re on the market for a new ball head or interested in checking ours out, you can find it on our website. 

We hope you love our binocular holder as much as we do - like all of our products, it has been designed with our customers in mind. That is why it weighs just 100 grams, and has been made out of aerospace grade aluminium. It’s the kind of gear that will never let you down, no matter where you are.