The Gearing Tripod Bag

We have some super exciting news to share with you all this week! We have had a tripod bag in the works for many months now, with lots of additions and alterations made to bring our Gearing customers the very best product that we can. After carefully making sure we were entirely happy with it, we have now released our tripod bag and it is now available on our website for purchase! 

Our tripod bag is made of Cordura™, a super strong synthetic material that is virtually indestructible. We market our tripod to be a travel tripod - to be taken everywhere. The mountains, the desert, the sea - wherever you can think of going, our tripod will be there with you. That’s why we knew in our design that our tripod bag had to be as unbreakable as our tripod. It also features two large zipped pockets for any extra items you need to bring, such as your mini legs or spare batteries for your camera. Instead of a regular closure, it has a roll top, allowing for variation in size to meet your specific needs. We have also acknowledged that certain situations will make you need to carry it in different ways, and so we have offered a variety of carrying positions. If you need a hands free option, you can attach your tripod bag to your camera bag or rucksack. Additionally, it has a large strap to hang your bag over your shoulder, or a handheld mode. The choice is yours; our tripod bag is the embodiment of our motto 'use the adaptable, capture the unforgettable'.

At Gearing, we aspire to create gear to support you through every unpredictable situation the outdoors can throw at you. That’s why everything we make is built to last and to take you to the extremes of our planet. From our tripod to our trekking poles and our tripod bag, everything we make is a once in a lifetime purchase. We hope you love our tripod bag as much as we do!